Mary Immaculate admits 159 students into each year group. We are a voluntary aided Catholic school which operates within the overall provision of the Archdiocese of Cardiff.  The school fully respects the beliefs of parents and children from all religious backgrounds and, of course, those with no religious background.  The Governors do ask that any parents applying for places for their children will support the ethos and character of the school.  This ethos is Catholic in nature but these values are commonly shared with any world faith and are human values such as ‘care, compassion and forgiveness of others’.  As a result students at Mary Immaculate are taught respect and tolerance for others and there is provision through the religious education programme which explores world faiths.

Mary Immaculate offers 159 places each year and places will be allocated up to the school’s admission number. If there are more than 159 applications then governors will use the schools oversubscription criteria.

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