As a school we have extremely high expectations for our learners and strive for them to make progress and reach success. We want our pupils to experience a broad, engaging curriculum that allows them to develop many characteristics; we are passionate in developing the whole pupil.  As a school we have worked closely with pupils to highlight the key expectations we have for pupils in order for them to be successful at Mary Immaculate. Pupils within the school felt that you needed to have a variety of attributes to enjoy school and maximise their time with us and as a result we coined the term

“To be a success at Mary Immaculate High School you need BALANCE”

Each letter of BALANCE forms another word which we feel are key attributes for our young people. We are confident that pupils within Mary Immaculate are given opportunities to develop these characteristics across their educational curriculum and the wide range of school activities available.

For example, pupils are encouraged to be ’Healthy' in Maths when looking at developing their understanding of managing money. Whilst all subjects promote pupils to use their God given talents, gifts and qualities to achieve the best they can in order to be ’Ambitious‘. Additionally, pupils are encouraged to be ’Creative’ within Art, Music and Drama but also in Humanities when using digital skills to demonstrate understanding of geographical processes and historical events.

This simple word and its associated features are a guideline for pupils to adopt in order to allow them to be successful but also enjoy their time at Mary Immaculate. Pupils are encouraged to develop all features and are rewarded for doing so through BALANCE points; pupils aim to achieve points for each characteristic and not just one area. This allows pupils to become resilient and independent and best prepares them for the future.

BALANCE represents the core purposes of the school and our pupils’ daily experiences within the school. The school’s teaching, spiritual and pastoral provisions are entwined within these purposes and unite to develop the whole pupil in order for them to be successful now and in the future.