Class Charts

Class Charts

We use innovative technology to help enhance the learning experience for all of our pupils here at Mary Immaculate  High School .To help pupils keep track of their progress in school and to access homework they can download the Class Charts app or log in to the Classcharts website. Once logged in, pupils will be able to see up to date information on the following key areas of their learning:


Pupils will be able to see positive and negative behaviours reported by their teachers. They can keep track of their progress over the term andbe reminded of any detentions that have been set by their teachers.


Homework is an important part of learning at Mary Immaculate High School and pupils can expect to receive homework regularly from their teachers. Homework tasks can be accessed via the Class Charts App or by clicking the button above, or by following this link:

There is also a link to this website on our school website easily located on the right hand menu screen. Pupils will be provided with the learning resources needed for each piece of homework and a guide as to how  long they should spend on each piece of work. Pupils will not have a planner.


Each time a pupil receives a positive referral from a member of staff they will be awarded balance points. Pupils can keep track of their balance points through the Class Charts App and use it to access our rewards store. Pupils can use their balance points to select rewards that they can then collect in school. Rewards start with a pencil for 3 points, up to a Chromebook which requires 380 points.

The Class Charts App

The Class Charts app can be downloaded from the IOS store and Google Playstore for mobile phones and tablet devices. The QR codes below will take you directly to the app.