Communication Faculty

Head of Faculty: Miss V. Carey

The Communication faculty is one of four faculties at MIHS. Through the communication faculty, students learn new languages, develop and explore their own language, and learn how language influences media including films and even our use of technology. The subjects of the faculty are; English, Welsh, French, Film Studies, Media Studies, and ICT and Computer Science.

Communication Faculty


Head of Department: Miss V. Carey
An expertise in English is vital for any kind of success in the world of work. It is the language of business and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global workforce. Research from all over the world shows that cross-border business communication is most often conducted in English. Its importance in the global market place, therefore, cannot be understated. Learning English really can change your life.


Head of Department: Mrs B Jones
All students at Mary Immaculate study Welsh at both KS3 and KS4. All staff and students are encouraged to make use of the language as much as possible, in a variety of situations. Here at Mary Immaculate, students are provided with a wide range of linguistic skills and are taught using a variety of innovative and creative techniques. It is important to create an enthusiastic learning environment where students are able to enhance their knowledge in all skill areas and enjoy learning the Welsh language. KS3 students will have 4 periods of Welsh a fortnight and will study a variety of topics in each Year.


Head of Department: Miss G Winn
The French Department at Mary Immaculate offers a curriculum which is designed to provide learners with a suitable basis for further study. Learning a language is a long, yet rewarding process and every student should be entitled to develop their language skills. Our learners are encouraged to recognise linguistic knowledge and understanding of other cultures which could help them to take their place in a multilingual global society.

ICT & Computer Science

Head of Department: Mr A Speight
Computers are widely used in all aspects of modern life. However their use has become simplified, technology now works automatically and this development in how technology has progressed has left a vacuum. A vacuum has been left as pupils automatically gain ICT skills much earlier than they used to, this doesn’t mean however computer skills are irrelevant, far from it but what learners need to do need is to gain an awareness of how technology actually works. Our KS3 ICT course offered by ourselves at Mary Immaculate High School provides learners with the opportunity to enhance and build upon the digital competence skills they have developed in Key Stages 1 and 2.

Film Studies

Head of Department: Mr R Capel
This course combines academic study with the practical and creative elements of film production, so will be suitable for anyone who has a keen interest in Film and wants to understand how the film industry works, how to analyse films, how to make films, and how films ‘work’ for audiences.

Media Studies

Head of Department: Mrs R Capel
GCSE Media Studies offers students with an interest in the Media the opportunity to explore several areas of this industry in both creative and analytical ways. The course focuses on a variety of different aspects of the Media which may include film, television, radio, the music industry, the Internet, print media and advertising.