Parents Forum

Dear Parent(s) and Carer(s),

The last 18 months have been incredibly difficult for our pupils and our wider community.  There are so many things we have not been able to do as normal because of COVID regulations.   One of those has been the regular conversations with our parents in more informal situations.  We have of course as a school continued our pastoral support of young people but we are aware that parents might desire more communication especially around whole school issues.

Therefore,  I am proposing we have a Parents Forum to allow some dialogue between us as a school and our wider community.  Below is some information about what this might be like:

What is the Parents Forum?

It would be an online meeting (e.g. Zoom) perhaps once a term with parents who were interested.  Ideally, the meetings would be broken down by year – for example a meeting for Year 7 Parents, for Year 8 etc.  There would be some items to discuss but there would also be the opportunity to bring up other issues.  It would be led by the headteacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

What it is not

 It is important to note that it cannot be used to discuss issues around your own children – there are other avenues to do this through pastoral staff.  You would be part of a representative group of parents to give general views.  It is also not a school information evening for all parents – it is expected to be a small group.

Finally, this is also not a fundraising or social group -it is not a school PTA type activity.

If many people express an interest we may alternate who attends to give a wider opportunity to all.  This is not compulsory and does not replace any other school evenings such as Parents or Information Evenings.

If you are interested, all we need is for you to complete the form below.  You will receive a zoom link by email for the first meeting.

Download “Editable Parents Forum 2021” parents-forum2021-letter-1.pdf – Downloaded 35 times – 180 KB